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Keep your property clean with our Airbnb cleaning service to make sure your rental property is always guest-ready. Our pledge is of a residence that shines to impress your clients. Order today and take your rental to the next level.


Elevate your Airbnb experience with our extraordinary Airbnb/rental cleaning services. Our pledge is of a residence that shines to impress your clients. Order today and take your rental to the next level.

Trustworthy Rental Cleaning Service Partner

We are proud to be the epitome of reliability and trustworthiness in Airbnb cleaning service. SKYREX belief in top-notch work and customer happiness ensures that your Airbnbs sparkle with cleanliness, freshness, and sanitation when we finish. We put your satisfaction first; you can always count on us.Here is why you should trust us:

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Our Rental/Airbnb Cleaning Service Checklist

For more information on our entire rental cleaning service that is meant to cover your whole flat and through Airbnb cleaning, please click here. We’ve got you covered.

Bedrooms & Living Areas

Kitchen Area


Additional Areas & Extras

Geographic Areas we Serve

Our Airbnb and rental cleaning services cover the whole scope of things, this means that no matter where you are, our incredible cleanliness and freshness can be enjoyed. We began all this in Boston, USA as a little company, but currently we are serving many cities across US and Canada. Each one has its own different character within it; we serve many different communities. In Canada alone, our operations stretch from the busy streets of Cambridge through Kitchener’s cool vibes to the serene landscapes of Guelph.

Whether it is along Mississauga’s dynamic beat, between Brampton’s crowded corners or even inside Milton’s enchanting topography on the other hand Hamilton’s vibrant roadsides we have so much expertise in post-renovation cleanup that it extends to include Waterloo too. Our target is consistent wherever you live: transforming your home/office into a clean and beautiful habitat. Every corner of this globe shall end up being tidier, shiner and more inviting than before. 

Our Approach to Cleaning

Participate in our systematic Airbnb cleaning service and appreciate the amazing results it always produces through great care and attention. Come with us now, if you want a clean Airbnb that looks like it just moved in.

In-depth Airbnb Assessment

Before we start cleaning, our team undertakes a comprehensive assessment of your property. This involves an inspection of each and every area to identify specific cleaning requirements or challenges that may need to be addressed. Whether it’s stubborn dirt, heavy traffic areas, or delicate surfaces; our survey helps us design a particular cleaning strategy for your property.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

As SKYREX, it is important for us to think about sustainability in the environment; hence, eco-friendly practices are emphasized. We do not use anything that could harm your loved ones or pets since we employ environmentally friendly detergents in our work. These products contain neither dangerous chemicals nor toxins, hence making them healthier for people living near such properties in terms of cleanability.

Customized Cleaning Plan

A customized cleaning plan is created based on the outcomes of our review process to guarantee amazing results. We consider factors like the size of your home, the types of surfaces being cleaned, and any unique instructions or preferences you have as far as your house is concerned. This way, our cleaning services are individualized and exceed what you can anticipate.

Continuous Improvement

Our staff commits itself to continuous improvement as well as innovation in how it cleanses an apartment. Always following up on trends within the industry and adopting new technologies enables us to offer the highest quality office maintenance services. Therefore, through continuous improvement in our means of keeping premises cleaner than ever before, we seek to achieve excellence in service delivery beyond expectations during every visitation.

Our Unique Selling Points

When it comes to selecting the perfect Airbnb or rental property cleaning services, SKYREX acknowledges that it is a vital choice. We are the best for these reasons

Service Reliability

Professionalism is guaranteed in our service from the beginning till the end. Every process involved in the cleaning exercise will be handled professionally by our team members who have gained a lot of experience in this field of work.

Transparent Pricing

We believe that pricing should be transparent. Thus, there are no hidden fees or surprises within our pricing structure which is simple and clear. Competitive rates are offered for our cleaning services so that you can get a great deal every time.

Experience and Expertise

Our team has the aptitude to competently manage any cleaning task, which comes with years of being in the cleaning industry. We are constantly updated on the latest cleaning techniques and technologies so we can better serve our clients.

How It Works

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Concluding Remarks

To sum up, relying on SKYREX for your Airbnb and rental cleaning requirements will not be a mistake. We are loyal to good service, excellent performance, and professionalism, which means that your properties are always secured. With clear rates, customized remedies, and an adaptable timetable, we avail ourselves of the provision of a hygienic and welcoming domicile at all times.

Our team of skilled personnel is experienced in every project that they undertake, ensuring results that exceed clients’ expectations while meeting their needs as well. In addition to other considerations, we stay true to what we actually do by being very particular about what our customers want from us.

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Looking forward to an alternative cleaning experience with SKYREX for your Airbnb cleaning needs? Place an order now and enjoy great results as well as an exceptional service. Booking your appointment can be easily done using our online booking platform. You may opt for internet booking, phone call, or social media connection in order to make it easy for anyone who wants to do something about this today and upgrade the hygiene and beauty of your Airbnb premises. Currently book a cleaning service with us so that next time there will be a better guest experience for any of those visiting your place.

Explore Our Additional Services

Apart from Airbnb/rental cleaning service, we provide some other services to make sure that your living space is clean and comfortable. These may be termed as:

If you have trouble with persistent spots and trapped dirt, our services of deep carpet cleaning are ideal for you. We will apply sophisticated methods and large machines which will penetrate right into the fibers to get rid of dust, allergens and smells thereby making your carpets clean, fresh and younger.

Our service for professional window cleaning allows light from outside to illuminate your room. Our professional team has been using environmentally friendly solutions combined with detailed procedures to remove dirt, grime, and streaks from windows thus leaving them gleaming while upgrading general look of one’s home or office

Our washing service by soft washers and power wash is meant to bring back the attractive appearance of your outdoor surfaces. Our technicians specializing in either deck siding, patio or driveway understands how to use appropriate pressure as well as detergents which are safe yet effective in removing impurities like mud, mildew among others that make a business building or a home look new again.

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