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Looking for reliable medical cleaning services near your location? Experience our customized cleaning packages to foster a safe, tranquil ambiance. We ensure that every element in your waiting rooms and examination areas is comprehensively sanitized for healthier spaces.


Welcome to SKYREX clinic/urgent care cleaning service for taking cleanliness to a greater heights! Our customized cleaning packages foster safe, tranquil ambiance. We ensure that every element in your waiting rooms and examination areas is comprehensively sanitized for healthier spaces.

Dependable Medical Cleaning Services Partner

SKYREX is better than other traditional cleaning services in terms of clinic or urgent care cleaning. We have been consistent in delivering custom-made clinic cleaning solutions for the last ten years. Our comprehensive urgent care cleaning checklist guarantees complete disinfection, which means the cleanest facility ever. Our committed team will help you create a safe haven, and it has also seen people recover from various conditions associated with air pollution. Call us now to get started on creating a future full of hygiene!

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Geographic Locations Served

Get all above mentioned as we bring our superior clinic and medical cleaning services to every part of the United States and Canada, starting from Boston USA. Our business operates in lively Canadian cities like CambridgeKitchener, and Waterloo ensuring that both patients and staff have safe facilities.

 Guelph is an upscale town with unmatched cleanliness while  Mississauga is growing fast and currently, Brampton is crowded. Your clinic or urgent care facility will be turned upside down into a spotlessly clean sanctuary; thus getting transformed from peaceful landscapes in Milton, where people come for relaxation, to the busy streets of Hamilton. Help us make a cleaner world so that we can live better lives. Book an appointment today to see these incredible changes unfold across Canada and the US!

Our Cleaning Process

Our medical cleaning service, through use of several state-of-the-art techniques, makes itself competitive as the best choice you have got with regard to cleaning your facility thoroughly. We will go above and beyond, to give you a clean space and improve the health conditions of patients as well as employees.

Assessment and Planning

The first step is evaluating your clinic or urgent care facility based on its arrangement, size and the specific cleaning needs. Thus, we are able to come up with an individualized cleaning program that’s aimed at thoroughly sanitizing every part of it. Trust us in delivering all-inclusive janitorial services that will be beyond your imagination making you have a hygienic medical environment for everyone including staff and patients.

Quality Inspection

After we have done cleaning, we are going to put in place a very thorough quality control process that will guarantee the clinic or urgent care facility is clean. They look carefully at every corner of the place so that nothing will be left out or require additional work. We work hard to make sure that your patients and employees find a healthy and neat environment since we put all our efforts towards ensuring absolute hygiene.

Cleaning Execution

Following this assessment, our team of specialists starts using the most modern methods to carry out a complete cleaning as well as disinfection in all rooms of your medical clinic or urgent care facility. Our disinfection services go beyond what you expect from us, starting from waiting rooms to examination chambers which guarantees patients and staff a clean environment that is safe for them.

Client Feedback

We thank you for your participation in our urgent care cleaning services. We consider your input and ideas of great value to us as we aim to improve our standards of cleanliness. Our dedication to continuous improvement guarantees that the hygiene of your clinic or urgent health center is always a priority for us. Be assured that whenever you want quick, efficient cleaning services we are here for you.

What makes us different

Find out why we are the best when it comes to cleaning clinics and medical care facilities. Try us today and compare our experience with other vendors who stress on cleanliness and quality of service.

Industry Expertise

Since we have been offering clinic/urgent care cleaning for several years, we have gained insights that can help in keeping a healthy environment. We aim at delivering specialized care to your clinic, ensuring proper disinfection and maintaining a high level of cleanliness.

Exceptional Quality

Our clinic/urgent care cleaning service reflects our unwavering dedication to excellence. Through this, we promise to exceed anticipation by completely sanitizing all surfaces as well as maintain cleanliness that is thorough all the time.

Customized Solutions

We understand that each area within your urgent care facility will have different cleaning requirements. So we offer customized clinic cleaning plans at individual points, making sure your property is cleaned thoroughly everywhere else..

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We’re more than the usual kind of cleaning service; instead, we are your ally in making sure that your clinic or medical care is always clean and welcoming. Our years in the industry have given us a deep understanding of how to maintain top-notch urgent care cleaning services beyond expectations. Our individualized cleaning programs do not only work but also save you money, and every time we make use of eco-friendly products/chemicals to ensure our clients are happy and satisfied. For leading clinic care cleaning services that leave a mark SKYREX is what you need. Contact us today to book your slot.

Booking Any Time, Anywhere

Are you looking to improve the sanitation and security of your clinic or urgent care facility? Our topmost medical cleaning services is one click away. You just need to fill in the form below with your desired date, desired time and any other requests you may have. We will quickly validate it and make a reservation for it thus ensuring that your space receives professional cleaning services in no time. Don’t even think about settling for less when it comes to cleanliness – book an appointment for your urgent care cleaning now!

Others Services We Offers

To ensure that your business environment is spotlessly clean and safe, you should explore the range of services that we offer. We strive to provide top-notch results as a means of developing a habitable and healthy office space for both clients and employees. Read on for more about our extra services.

It is important to have a clean and well-organized office in order to increase the productivity of workers as well as maintain good working relationships among them. We therefore provide customized office cleaning services for you depending on your kind of work area. And we make sure that they go through each place with a fine tooth comb: dusting everything, vacuuming thoroughly, sanitizing frequently touched surfaces and refilling supplies.

Our store cleaning services are meticulously crafted to enhance the visual appeal of your retail space, leaving a lasting impression on shoppers and enhancing their overall shopping experience. Whether it’s dusting shelves or mopping floors or disinfecting fitting rooms, our seasoned team meticulously attends to every detail in order that your store retains its cleanliness and inviting ambiance.

We tailor our dealership cleaning services to cater for automotive showrooms, thus making sure all booths have shining cars and all corners are clean. Using state-of-the-art tools and methods, our professional team attentively cleans customer lounges as well as display areas, with no detail unnoticed by them. Our results are always guaranteed to go beyond the ordinary; we get you from shiny cars to clean lounges.

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