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Hire experienced and certified experts for post renovation cleaning to ensure a spotless finish after your renovation project is complete. Let us help you bring back life to your newly refurbished place by walking with you through the construction aftermath and ensuring it sparkles perfectly well.


Welcome to our post-renovation cleaning service that will take you through an amazing transformation. Let us help you bring back life to your newly refurbished place by walking with you through the construction aftermath and ensuring it sparkles perfectly well.

Trusted & Reliable Cleaning Partner

Are you searching for a post-renovation cleaning service that is dependable and at the same time will leave you elated? Look no further! Our company is committed to delivering quality work with a pinch of professionalism just to make you happy. We incorporate modern technology and eco-friendly products which provides peace of mind and gives off a fresh healthy environment for your enjoyment. Here is what we bring on board.

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Our Post Renovation Cleaning Checklist

There are a wide variety of services that we have designed in such a way that they are able to meet all your cleaning requirements after renovating your house. We are committed to providing you with an all-inclusive and quality service. It ranges from fragile surfaces to areas that are usually not looked at. Look at the checklist below.

Bedrooms & Living Areas

Kitchen Area


Additional Areas & Extras

Areas We Serve Geographically

Our post-renovation cleaning services are extensive and all-inclusive, meaning that wherever you are, you can experience the amazing cleanliness and freshness that we offer. From our humble beginnings in the vibrant city of Boston, USA, to the current-day situation where we serve numerous cities across Canada and the United States. We serve different communities that each have their own unique character. Our operations in Canada range from Cambridge’s busy streets through Kitchener’s cool vibes to Guelph’s calm landscapes.

Either within Mississauga’s dynamic pulse, among Brampton’s crowded corners, or even Milton’s delightful terrain, or rather Hamilton’s lively streets, our proficiency in post-renovation cleaning is so limitless that it covers Waterloo too. No matter where you live, our aim is consistent: to change your home or office into a neat and lovely habitat. We will strive to leave every corner of this earth cleaner, shinier, and more inviting than it was before.

Experience Our Thorough Cleaning Process

Feel the transformative effects of our careful after renovation cleaning process which always leads to excellent results. We emphasize on accuracy, organization, and perfection that ensure your area turns out as new and ready for use again.

Assessment and Planning

The first step in our extensive clean up after renovation entails conducting a thorough assessment of your newly improved premises. We examine the nature of the repair, materials used, and any other peculiarities that might be involved in the job. Based on this examination, we establish an individualized cleaning plan targeting at ensuring cleanliness as required by your post-renovated home.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Environmental consciousness is key at SKYREX; hence, eco-friendly detergents are preferred when cleaning after renovations. By doing so, we prevent the pollution of your house thus making it more habitable by you as well as being environmentally friendly.

Specialized Equipment Utilization

Post-renovation cleaning requires using top-of-the-range equipment and devices for optimal outcomes. Our Advanced vacuum systems alongside other custom-made surfaces’ equipment feature in our list of modern appliances, which is used during all our post-renovation cleaning processes to guarantee efficacy and quality.

Personalized Maintenance Tips

Customer satisfaction remains our topmost priority through provision of customized maintenance tips following each cleaning session. This way you get useful pieces of advice meant for keeping your recently upgraded space tidy at all times so it does not ever revert back to being dirty again.

Our Point of Uniqueness

Our team provides very detailed cleaning, individualized options, and unparalleled reliability. What sets us apart is a fusion of professionalism and an indomitable sense of responsibility. Experiment with unique options where talent meets allegiance. Choose to sink into sparkling houses and quiet places with our exceptional moving-in/moving-out cleaning.

Service Reliability

What makes us different from the others is the combination of professionalism and unfounded sense of responsibility. This means you can have a taste of what talent mixed with loyalty feels like when you try our unique cleaning services in your home. Enjoy spotless homes  with our exceptional move-in/out cleaning services.

Quality Control

Quality control is very important to us, therefore we take it seriously. We have only one main aim – making sure that you as a client will not have any reason for dissatisfaction; thus our company meticulously cleans houses throughout the country so that no corner goes unnoticed.


Being flexible is something invaluable to us as a company and we appreciate it wholeheartedly. Whether you are in need of move-in/move-out cleaning services or just help keeping your house tidy once in a while, we adapt our schedules, duties, and methods according to what you want

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The cleanliness standards that we promise after building construction go beyond normal definitions. We want to make sure that your spaces are comfortable and fresh places to be; even in the darkest corners, they always feel like purified air is blowing through them. When you hire us for your post-renovation cleaning needs, however, it’s more than just about having an agency dust the shelves; rather, it’s an investment that will change your attitude towards purity while transforming your premises into better ones.

Our post renovation cleaning services will remain memorable as we guarantee not only a neat but also a calm and rejuvenating renovated space. Try our different way of offering after-construction cleaning services and see how we can turn what you have into a clean sanctuary with tranquility.

Booking Any Time

You must try the seamless scheduling feature that we introduced. Whenever you have finished renovating your premises, you may now choose to book post-reconstruction cleaning via our web-based reservation system at any time that best suits your needs. Thanks to our convenient booking system, which allows a person to work during the day in his office or stay at home during the evening and weekend, a completely stress-free procedure will be available as per the timing preferences of every client. It only requires a few clicks to schedule our post-renovation cleaning when it’s most convenient for you; through this, your readiness will match with a well-organized post-renovation cleaning process.

Other Services Offered By Us

As your trusted cleaning partner, we offer a number of different solutions to meet all the cleaning requirements and maintain your property in an immaculate state. Our services are outlined below:

Get rid of unsightly graffiti with SKYREX’s professional graffiti removing services. Our graffiti removing technicians employ sophisticated methods as well as environmentally friendly products to safely and efficiently remove graffiti from many surfaces. No matter it appears on the walls, fences or other structures, our company will restore them back to their original state of purity

Have your dryer vent cleaned by SKYREX for safety reasons and efficiency purposes. As time goes by, lint and debris blockage is possible in dryer vents which can cause fires and reduce air flow through them. Our experienced technicians undertake thorough vent cleaning that involves removal of any accumulated lint or debris for better airflow thereby preventing any potential hazards. With SKYREX you can be sure that your dryer vent is clean and safe to use.

Make use of SKYREX’s professional tile and floor cleaning services to bring back the fresh look of your tiles as well as floors too. We have a team of experts who apply modern tools plus detergents in deep washing tile, hardwood, laminate, etc., flooring materials thus making clients even more satisfied being able to remove stubborn stains while ensuring floors shine like new ones again.

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