Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Hire experienced and certified experts for Commercial window cleaning services for enjoy spotless crystal-clear views with us! We’ll remove the dust and bring back the brilliance that will make you see even from across with daylight streaming in. Re-see the world!


SKYREX’s Window Cleaning Services for sparkling clear windows! We’ll remove the dust and bring back the brilliance that will make you see even from across with daylight streaming in.

Reliable Commercial Window Cleaning Service Offer

SKYREX is a reliable and trusted cleaning partner when it comes to window cleaning. We win your confidence by paying attention to every little thing, being professional, and faithfully serving our customers. Our seasoned staff guarantees that all windows are left immaculately clean, creating a better look for your property and allowing you to relax.

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Areas Included in Our Service Range

As a customer, you can get full window cleaning through our services so that wherever you are residing in the remote or isolated areas, you will have an opportunity to experience the best hygiene and freshness. We started in Boston as a small business but currently we have expanded to other towns across the US and Canada. Some of these cities provide distinct features within them that cater to different communities Examples are operations from Cambridge’s buzzing streets via Kitchener’s chilled-out mood up to Guelph’s serene environments.

The truth is that window washing is something that we are experts at here, whether on Mississauga’s pulse, Brampton is bustling corners located at Milton’s stunning landscapes on this side; Hamilton bustling road sides; nonetheless it extends even up until Waterloo. Regardless of where you live, the goal of our company is always about making your home/office windows look clean and attractive. All over the world shall be cleaner, shinier and more hospitable than ever before.

Our Proven Cleaning Procedur

At SKYREX, we take pride in our meticulous and thorough window cleaning process, designed to deliver exceptional results with every service. Trust us to transform your windows and elevate the appearance of your home or business with our comprehensive cleaning process.


To initiate the process of washing your windows, we begin by assessing their condition. We then examine each window cautiously while taking note of any accumulated dirt, grime or stubborn stains. The aim of this assessment is to help us understand what cleaning your windows needs and adopt the best approach possible which can make them to be alright.


Once prepared accordingly for action, it’s time to get into details on how well we can clear up everything from one corner to another having come armed with environmentally friendly products and professional equipment for this job no hard stains are left behind . We do not leave anything out when cleaning every pane using different methodologies so that specks ,smudges and streaks can be wiped off effectively.


Our experienced team starts preparing for the cleaning as soon as we have assessed your windows. This may entail removing obstructions such as furniture or decorations that could obstruct our access towards the window areas. Additionally, we securely safeguard adjacent surfaces like window sills, frames and floors in order to prevent any unintended damage during the cleaning process.


We know that detail is everything. That is why during the detailing phase, we take extra care in every corner, crevice and edge of your windows. Hence leaving no stone unturned; using special tools and techniques for difficult places at times where no spot should be missed out by our team. When looking at even the tiniest areas that would hardly be spotted one realizes how much work was done here such as removing build-up residue, shining glass up to an outstanding finish .

Our Unwavering Commitment to Excellence

We are different from others in the window cleaning business – we are a group of people who believe in providing excellent services to our customers and being eco friendly as well. Get the experience of SKYREX difference by yourself and see why many prefer us for clean windows.

Quality Guarantee

High standards of excellence characterize us at SKYREX. Since our cleaning process is thorough and detailed, it can be seen that we are committed to providing excellent quality services. We will not only meet your specifications, but we intend to go beyond them, ensuring that every time you get shiny clear windows.

Customer-Centric Approach

Every customer is different hence we always handpick our services. We therefore have a customer-centric approach which means your needs and preferences come first. To this effect, our friendly and responsive support staff and the flexibility in scheduling services makes window cleaning stress-free for you.

Eco-Friendly Practices

As guardians of your home as well as the globe, we have decided on using environmentally aware methods of cleaning solutions. We ensure that safe non-chemical products are used in sustainable amounts during the cleaning process by giving priority to environmentally-friendly practices. 

How It Works

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To Summarize

By using our commercial window cleaning services, you are getting more than just an ordinary cleaning; you are ushering in a makeover that rejuvenates the whole appearance and air of your property. We take such care that every window comes out gleaming, streak-free, thereby improving the beauty and value of your house or workplace.

Our experienced crew guarantees excellent results only due to their commitment to quality and client-centricity. From the first call to the accomplishment of this task, we make sure that you have no problems, even if you opt not to be part of it at all. Use the SKYREX window cleaning service to brighten up your place instead of having dull windows anymore.

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We know that life can be busy, so we provide flexible booking options to suit your timetable. Regardless of whether you wish to have your windows cleaned during the day while you are at work or at night when you are away from the office; this is not a problem with us. Making a reservation with SKYREX is simple and convenient: just call us or do it online, and we will take care of everything else. In order for you to finish without any problems, our team that is friendly and ever responsive will engage with you in finding the perfect time for your needs.

Discover Our Additional Offerings

Apart from cleaning windows, we have other services designed to make your space clean and comfortable. These are some of the remaining services:

Give the dirt and stains a goodbye by trusting our qualified carpet cleaners. Employing cutting-edge methods and environment-friendly cleaning products, we will breathe new life into your carpets. Boo now!

We can help maintain cleanliness and orderliness in your home through providing an extensive range of house cleaning services to you. We’ll mop and sanitize every part of your house while dusting and vacuuming it so that there won’t be any little thing out of place.

Moving can be stressful, but with SKYREX’s move-in/move-out cleaning services, you can have an uninterrupted move. Our thorough clean-up leaves no room dirty as we are moving into or out of a new home meaning that you focus on settling down or moving out without much strain.

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