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We provide a wide range of house cleaning services that ensure your house looks clean and feels cozy from all corners. Enter the world of SKYREX, where our philosophy is defined by a combination of cleanliness and perfection. 

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Enter the world of SKYREX, where our philosophy is defined by a combination of cleanliness and perfection. Going beyond mere satisfaction, we provide a perfect standard house cleaning service that ensures your house looks clean and feels cozy from all corners.

Trusted & Reliable House Cleaning Services

We understand the significance of maintaining a neat and systematically organized home. This is why we have established our standard house cleaning services, so that you can receive a thorough cleaning, thereby leaving your home sparkling. With our seasoned team and first-rate cleaning supplies at your disposal, we promise to astound you each time. Here’s what you get.

Our Standard House Cleaning Service Checklist

Our standard house cleaning service checklist is designed to keep your home clean and tidy. We pay attention to every part of the house in order to provide you with an excellent result!

Bedrooms & Living Areas

Kitchen Area


Additional Areas & Extras

Regions Covered by Our House cleaning Services

Get ready to experience the epitome of cleanliness and perfection as we extend our high-end standard house cleaning services across Canada and the United States, starting with the vibrant city of Boston, USA. But that’s just the beginning of our sparkling journey! Dive into the lively streets of Cambridge, soak up the fresh vibes of Kitchener, and bask in the pristine cleanliness of Waterloo to get a cleaner home.

From the polished elegance of Guelph to the dynamic pulse of Mississauga and the bustling corners of Brampton, we’re spreading our magic far and wide. Whether it’s the charming landscapes of Milton or the vibrant streets of Hamilton, our expertise knows no bounds. With every sweep, scrub, and shine, we’re turning residential and commercial spaces into havens of tranquility and cleanliness. Join us on our mission to create a world that’s not just cleaner, but also more delightful to live and work in!

Discovering Our Cleaning Techniques

Enter a world of cleanliness and tranquility with our standard house cleaning process. From scrupulous assessments to turbo execution, we’re here to make your home shine like it has never done before!

Assessment and Planning

Our standard house cleaning process starts with a complete appraisal of the dimensions, architecture, and cleaning needs of your home. Therefore, tell us what’s been eating you up so that we can decide what to give much importance to or consider. These might include areas mostly used by people, like pets or delicate things.

Quality Inspection

At the end of our regular cleaning process, we engage in a rigorous quality control inspection so as to ensure that each and every nook and cranny is spick and span according to our strict specifications. In all areas, we go over every space to make sure that each task has been done according to your wishes, making your house feel renewed and also having a fresh appearance.

Cleaning Execution

Our professional cleaners immediately go to work as soon as the assessment is done. We have a long inventory of objects to make sure that we clean every part of each room, leaving out no single detail. In order to achieve a standard and clean environment, the tasks we perform range from cleaning surfaces to vacuuming carpets and sweeping floors.

Client Feedback

With respect to cleaning homesteads, we are looking forward to perceiving your opinion. This serves as a request for you to inform us about areas of worry or dissatisfaction that need working on. We appreciate your satisfaction and thus we value any feedback given as highly crucial in order to continue improving our services.

What Makes Our Service Exceptional?

Our team specializes in detailed cleaning, customized services and unsurpassed dependability. Find out how we are distinct from any other firm that combines expertise with dedication. Get submerged into pure homes and calm minds with our excellent cleaning services.

Service Reliability

Our trademark is reliability. With timeliness and accuracy, we always provide high-grade standard home cleaning services. Rely on us for excellence in maintaining your home in its best condition.

Quality Control

Our quality control is something we are proud of. We inspect each and every cleaning job very carefully. Our objective is to keep you satisfied, which we have achieved by continually providing flawlessly cleaned homes.


We’re flexible, and that’s an advantage to you. We change schedules, tasks, and plans to meet your needs. You want a one-time clean? Or regular maintenance? Either way, we work within your schedule without any issues.

How It Works

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Wrapping Up Our Thoughts

We have a crazed obsession with cleanliness. We offer top-to-bottom cleaning services for your standard home. With some professional cleaners, flexible schedules, and transparent rates, we will offer you a personalized experience that goes beyond all others. And so, we don’t play games; our detailed step-by-step process is what takes your home through the assessment process to the quality inspection stage, ensuring that it has been taken into account from every corner.

We are completely obsessed with cleanliness. We take pride in our standard house cleaning service that guarantees an impeccably clean house from ‘roof to floor’. Trust us; we have a team of experienced cleaners, flexible scheduling alternatives, and clear pricing. We don’t joke; our detailed gauntlet process takes your home through the assessment to the quality inspection, leaving no stone unturned.

Book at Your Convenience, 24/7

Online booking system is very simple, and you can easily and quickly make appointments for cleaning services. With our online booking system, scheduling regular cleaning services is very easy. We can operate at any time of the day or night if you want us to. The moment you click the button, our specialists will prove their skills — your house will be better than ever before, you will see it. Make a reservation with us anytime; let’s decorate every home not like others!

Comprehensive Range of Services

Have a look at the very long roster of added services provided which have been custom-made to add value onto our homecare. Our services are tailored to suit your needs, ensuring that your home maintains its peaceful and clean status as a sanctuary. This is what we offer:

It is the time to erase all the marks of vandalism from your walls and let their beauty show by using our professional graffiti removal service. Our highly skilled team employs modern methods that will make your property appear as new again after they are through with it, and without any trace of graffiti left. Consequently, you can welcome a very fresh environment into the house devoid of unwanted eyesores.

Ensure that you prevent fire accidents at home using our dryer vents cleaning service that covers everything. We ensure that we clean lint and debris completely enhancing your dryer’s efficiency and protecting your property against the risk associated with lint build up. Let SKYREX Property Service take care of your home for you- such an assurance should give you peace of mind.

Enhance how beautiful the inside of your house looks like with our high-quality tile and floor cleaning services. Our team of professionals is equipped to handle anything from dirty tiles to dull floors; thus bringing back life into them. Once done, these floors become immaculate places full of attraction due to our attention to perfectionism and determination towards quality in operation. Experience spotlessly clean rooms today.

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