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Looking for professional tile or hardwood floor cleaning service. Contact us today for a cleaning estimate on tile or hardwood floors.

Discover the pristine difference with our professional tile & floor cleaning service. Let us revitalize your space with expert techniques and eco-friendly products. 


Discover the pristine difference with our professional tile & floor cleaning service. Let us revitalize your space with expert techniques and eco-friendly products. Book now and experience your surface cleanliness like never before!

Tile & Hardwood Floor Cleaning Experts

Our highly trained, dedicated team of tile and floor cleaners guarantees excellent results in every job. Our specialists employ cutting-edge techniques and modern equipment to leave your floors spotlessly clean and sparkling. This is why we focus on being punctual and fast in all our cleaning projects as we know how important reliability is. Try working with our trustworthy tile & floor cleaning pros now!

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Geographic Locations Served

Improve your home cleaning experience with our prime tile and hardwood floor cleaning service. Our high-quality cleaning solutions are within reach, regardless of whether you live in a busy city or a calm suburb. It all started in Boston, where our tile & floor cleaning services have spread all over the United States and Canada, reaching Cambridge cities, Kitchener  towns, and the peaceful Guelph regions.

The commitment to cleanliness is seen everywhere as the street becomes busy during rush hours; from lovely areas in Brampton to beautiful landscapes in Milton, across Hamilton’s buzzing highways up to Waterloo , and down to the vibrating streets of Mississauga. We still keep on the same path of Your tile and floor will be transformed for the better, even if you stay somewhere else. Expect a world that is cleaner than ever before through this tile & floor service, which makes it brighter and more vibrant.

Our Tile And Hardwood Floor Cleaning Process

Experience the pinnacle of cleanliness and efficiency with SKYREX’s comprehensive tile and floor cleaning service. Our tile and floor cleaning process ensures thoroughness and excellence in every step. From meticulous pre-treatment to specialized grout cleaning, we restore the beauty and cleanliness of your floors with precision and care.

Assessment and Planning:

Our process initiates with a meticulous evaluation of your floor surfaces, meticulously examining for stains, grime buildup, or any signs of wear and tear. This comprehensive assessment serves as the foundation for crafting a customized cleaning strategy tailored to your unique requirements. By understanding the specific needs of your floors, we can optimize our approach to deliver exceptional results that exceed your expectations.

Cleaning Execution:

With the assessment complete and the plan in place, our team of professional cleaners springs into action. Armed with state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly products, they meticulously execute the cleaning process with precision and efficiency. From removing stubborn stains to revitalizing tired surfaces, our cleaners work diligently to restore your floors to their pristine condition.

Quality Inspection:

We prioritize open communication and value your feedback throughout the cleaning process. We encourage you to share any concerns or preferences you may have to ensure that we meet your expectations. Our commitment to your satisfaction means that we actively seek your input, fostering transparency and trust every step of the way.

Quality Control:

Quality is paramount and which is why we conduct rigorous quality control checks throughout the cleaning process. Our dedicated team ensures that every aspect of the cleaning process meets our stringent standards of excellence. From the thoroughness of the cleaning to the final inspection, we leave no stone unturned in our quest to deliver flawless results. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we go above and beyond to ensure that your floors sparkle with cleanliness and shine.

Why Choose Our Service?

Choose us for your tiles and hardwood floor cleaning needs and experience unparalleled expertise and dedication. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a commitment to safety, we guarantee exceptional results and peace of mind for your home.


Our team brings extensive experience in cleaning various flooring materials, guaranteeing tailored solutions for every surface. Whether it’s ceramic, porcelain, marble, or hardwood, we possess the expertise to deliver outstanding results.

Advanced Techniques

Employing cutting-edge methods and eco-friendly products, we breathe new life into your floors. From grout cleaning to polishing, our industry-leading techniques restore your floors’ original shine and luster.

Customer Satisfaction

Your contentment is our utmost priority. We strive to surpass your expectations, leaving you impressed and delighted with our services. With SKYREX Property Services, rest assured your floors are in capable hands.

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In conclusion, our tile and floor cleaning services are not just about restoring surfaces; they’re about transforming spaces. With expertise, advanced techniques, and a commitment to excellence, we rejuvenate floors, bringing back their original luster and enhancing the overall cleanliness of your environment. From thorough assessments to meticulous execution, our team ensures that every aspect of our cleaning process is tailored to meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations. Call us to revitalize your floors and elevate your space to new levels of cleanliness and freshness. Experience the difference with us today.

Booking Any Time, Anywhere

Experience the convenience of scheduling your tile and floor cleaning services with SKYREX anytime, from anywhere. Our online booking system is accessible 24/7, allowing you to arrange your cleaning appointments at your convenience. Whether it’s early morning, late evening, or even on weekends, our flexible booking platform accommodates your schedule effortlessly. With just a few clicks, you can select your service, preferred date, and time, and we’ll take care of the rest. Say goodbye to the hassle of phone calls and emails – book with us today and enjoy the ease of arranging expert floor cleaning services at your fingertips.

Others Services We Offers

Other than the tile and floor cleaning service, we are involved in different other activities too.

Our team of carpet cleaning professionals will help you remove dirt and stains from your carpets. For example, we use new methods and eco-friendly cleansers for your rugs. Let us bring back life to your floor so that it always looks fresh, tidy and young.

However much stressful moving is, SKYREX’s moving in/out clean ups make it a smooth process. This is why our thorough clean-up ensures that there are no dirty rooms when moving into or out of a new house hence allowing one to settle down or move with less strain.

Moving is stressful but SKYREX’s move-in/move-out cleaning services allow for a seamless move. Our thorough clean-up ensures there are no dirty rooms when moving into or out of a new house hence you can concentrate on settling down or moving out with less strain.

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