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Create a healthier environment and cleanliness in fitness facilities with our gym cleaning services for your gym or fitness center. Our dedicated team equipped with personalized plans converts your gym into a clean shrine, promoting customer happiness and a healthy exercising milieu. Get elevated regarding your experiences at the gym with us!


Our dedicated team equipped with personalized plans converts your gym into a clean shrine, promoting customer happiness and a healthy exercising milieu. Get elevated regarding your experiences from the gym with us!

Trusted & Reliable Gym Cleaning Services

We are not just an ordinary cleaning company, but your trusted partner in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene at the gym. For over a decade now, our goal has always been to offer excellent cleaning services tailored to suit your gym needs. 

We deliver through an exhaustive checklist for gym cleaning services that will never let you down.

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Regions Covered by Our Services

Witness a gym space that is new and revitalized as we expand our premium gym cleaning services throughout Canada and the USA, starting with Boston, Our reach is much greater than that! Imagine yourself amid the busy streets of Cambridge, feel the lively air in  Kitchener and discover how Waterloo can contribute to a clean gym design.

Our expertise goes beyond borders, allowing us to bring our magic to the elegant streets of Guelph, the vibrating vibes of Mississauga, and the buzzing corners of Brampton. From Milton beautiful landscapes to Hamilton’s vibrant streets, we promise you a converted, clean sanctuary at your gym. Come, let us build a world that is not only cleaner but also funnier to exercise in. Do not wait any longer; make an appointment now and see unbelievable changes across Canada or even the US!

Our Cleaning Process

The way we clean our gymnasium is the most superior one around. This means every corner of our gym is cleaned thoroughly. Let’s surpass heart desires so that your fitness center appears even shining as never before.

Assessment and Planning

Let us start by assessing your gym facility in terms of design, dimensions and the type of cleaning that is required. The purpose of this is to come up with a custom cleaning program for you so that we can clean every area of your gym to make it look good. We aim to provide detailed cleanliness services which will leave you amazed because we want your gym to appear spotless.

Quality Inspection

After the cleaning is done, a rather detailed quality control takes place to guarantee your gym is clean from top to bottom. Consequently, each and every corner of your gym must be checked by our inspectors so as to erase any neglected places or areas with special concentration. We have made dedicated efforts to make sure that everything we do matches our commitment.

Cleaning Execution

Our highly qualified group of experts immediately starts working after the evaluation. With our ultramodern cleaning techniques and devices, we go carefully over your entire gym from exercise floors to changing rooms. Our committed and efficient staff offers quality cleaning that surpasses patrons’ contentment with hygiene.

Client Feedback

Feel free to give us your thoughts on our gym cleaning services, which we are open to all the time. We highly value your opinions as they act like gold and always request that you share them with us about our fitness center janitorial services. Improving every day ensures that the sanitation of your gym is highly attended at any given time, so we are there for you.

What makes us different

Discover why we are the best choice for your gym cleaning services needs. Let us show you how we are different from other service providers who aim at providing super cleanliness and topnotch service delivery.

Industry Expertise

With several years of experience in the gym cleaning field, our team understands the unique demands that come with maintaining a health facility. Our goal is to ensure that your gym gets the specific care it requires.

Exceptional Quality

Every single aspect of our gym washing service reflects our commitment to perfection. In this way, we surpass all expectations since our janitors follow through an intensive process of wiping everything even beyond what the eye perceives.

Customized Solutions

Since not all gyms have the same cleanliness requirements, we offer personalized solutions so you can have choices. Through this approach, we are able to address what your gym needs thereby keeping its appearance pristine always.

How It Works

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To sum up, SKYREX is the one that you can rely on when it comes to having a clean and welcoming gym. We have been in this industry for a long time, where we have aimed at giving quality first but also surpassed your expectations. Our cleaning plans are customized to be pocket friendly which will assure customer satisfaction as shown by our open pricing models. Select us for fitness center cleaning services that will stick onto the minds of your clients and make them talk good about your health club from now on.

24/7, Booking Any Time

By simply going to our website, you can schedule a gym cleaning service at any time of day or night that suits your busy life. Want to have your fitness center rejuvenated first thing in the morning so that your customers will find the place fresh when they arrive; otherwise you like doing it late in the evening after the last exercise session? We have got you covered with our flexible scheduling. Worry not because our team is always ready to make sure that your gym remains sparkling clean and thus making clients happy all through their membership experience.

Other Services We Offer

Know about all the services we offer for transforming your business space. We guarantee you exceptional results that will keep your workspace clean and friendly to visitors and staff Get to know more of our additional services:

Maintaining a clean and organized office environment is essential to productivity and employee morale. We provide bespoke office cleaning services that meet the unique needs of your workspace, ensuring a clean and welcoming atmosphere for your team as well as customers. Our dedicated team ensures every inch of your office is sparkling, from dusting and vacuum cleaning, sanitizing high-touch surfaces to restocking supplies.

In today’s competitive retail industry, keeping up with hygiene keeps attracting customers. Designed to improve your store space look that will create a good impression among shoppers; hence maximize their shopping experience, our store cleaning services are tailored towards this goal. From dusting shelves, mopping floors, or disinfecting fitting rooms, our experienced team pays attention to every detail to ensure that your store remains clean and inviting.

Our dealership cleaning services have been designed specifically for automotive showrooms so as to provide shinier cars in each booth while leaving no single corner untouched. Our skilled staff use advanced equipment and techniques when undertaking detailed cleaning beginning from display areas extending all the way into customer lounges within these facilities in order to achieve outstanding results.

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